10×15 Storage Units – Available in both climate-controlled and drive-up

Our facility has some great storage units for those who are looking for larger personal storage units. Our 10 x 15 storage units in West Boylston, MA, come in both climate-controlled and drive-up styles. Our self-storage facility has twenty of these units in total, eleven climate-controlled and nine drive-up. Explore our two options below to see if a 10×15 is right for you.

Climate Controlled Walk-Up 10×15 Storage Units

There are eleven of these units available within our West Boylston self-storage facility, and just like our 10×10 climate-controlled units, you will find them in our main building. There are eight located right in the center section of Building A, one in the northern hallway, and two more along the southern hallway. These units are for those who find our 10×10 units too small and our 10×20 units too large for their items. These units are great for objects that need to be kept in climate-controlled conditions.

Larger Items that need to be in climate controlled storage:

  • Larger furniture such as sectionals and king mattresses
  • Major appliance such as full refrigerators, washers and dryers, and double ovens
  • Sizable collections such as art collections
  • Years of archived paper files and document information

Drive-Up 10×15 Storage Units

These units are located in several of our buildings: one along the southern wall of Building A, and the remaining eight in building C, located just behind building B. These units provide ample space and are all easy to locate, as we have kept the majority within one building. They come with all the same features as our 10×10 drive-ups.

Items usually found in units of this size:

  • Compact cars
  • Smaller construction machinery, such as a Bobcat Loader
  • Large amounts of lumber
  • Rubber and plastic storage containers
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