10×20 Storage Units – Able to store most full-sized trucks

Our 10×20 storage units offer two hundred square feet of storage. We have over one hundred of these spacious units on site here at Safe N Secure Self Storage. These units include enough room to fit a full-sized work truck, such as a plow, for the months that you are not using it. We mostly offer this unit size in drive-up style, since it is best suited to vehicle storage, but we do have four climate-controlled units of this size in building A. These four units are meant for large collections of climate-sensitive items.

Climate Controlled Walk-Up 10×20 Storage Units

These four storage units are our largest climate-controlled units available. They can be found down the main hallway, just beyond the restrooms on the righthand side when you enter building A. These unit numbers range from A113 to A116. These units provide plenty of room and are ideal for full collections and other items that require a large amount of space.

Examples of large items that require climate control:

  • Complete furniture sets
  • Total kitchen appliance collections
  • Large floor rugs
  • Extensive clothing collections and large spools of clothing material

Drive-Up 10×20 Storage Units

These storage units can be found in every one of our buildings, as they are our most common style of unit. With over one hundred available, our location is a popular choice for automotive storage. They are a great choice for car storage in West Boylston and the central Massachusetts area. However, there are several other large items that will be right at home in our high-quality units. These are also great for storing seasonal vehicles when they are not in use. These units would also be great for seasonal vehicles, such as jet skis and snowmobiles.

Our drive-up units are the perfect place for such vehicles as:

  • Full-size vehicles
  • Full trucks
  • Smaller Boats
  • Snowmobiles
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