10×30 Storage Units – Great for multi-vehicle storage

With three hundred square feet available, our 10×30 storage units are the largest units we offer. They do not come in a climate-controlled version, as their primary function is large vehicle storage. With so much space available, you will be able to store your personal fleet of seasonal vehicles. Our 10×30 storage units can be found in one of two places in our storage facility. There are three located on the end of Building B, and 10x30s make up the entirety of Building H. We also offer our units on a month-to-month contract, so you can store your boat for the winter or your snow mobile for the summer. These units can accommodate a vast range of vehicles. Please look through the list below to get an idea of some the vehicles we can accommodate.

Vehicles that can be stored in a large storage unit:

  • Compact, mid-size and full-size vehicles
  • Full-size and extended trucks
  • Small to medium-sized boats
  • Most personal watercrafts
  • Class B and most Class C campers
  • Some travel, folding, and utility trailers
  • Smaller pieces of farm equipment
  • All personal and utility ATVs
  • Luxury or vintage vehicles

This list is far from exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure if your large vehicle will fit. We are more than happy to try to accommodate your storage needs as best as we can.

Our storage facility stands out because of our dedication to high-quality security with our 12-foot fence along with our 24-hour monitoring to keep a watchful eye on your units.

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